7. IUCLID6 Import Tutorial into Effectopedia (multiple dossiers)

Step 1: Exporting records from IUCLID6 Using the bulk export functionality

1- Select "Bulk export" under the File menu

2- Select "add" to choose the compound(s) of interest.

3- The query will return all matching substances.

4- choose where to save your files. Multiple .i6z files will be created in the selected destination folder. One for each exported dossier or document.

Step 2: Preparing multiple exports for import into Effectopedia

1- In windows options: uncheck the "hide extensions for known file types". This will show extensions to allow the next steps.

2- Compress your i6z files into a single zip archive.

3- Rename the created zip file so that it has an i6zm extension instead of zip.

Step 3: Importing into Effectopedia

1- Both i6z and i6zm (multiple i6z files in zip file with renamed extension) can be opened from the Open icon beside the data source bar. Please note that the IUCLID data is appended onto a clone of the currently active datasource.

2- An IUCLID6 phrases file in CSV format is required. This data is published on the IUCLID6 website: https://iuclid6.echa.europa.eu/format . It will also be bundled with the effectopedia files.

3- Once the import is complete, the data source name will be prepended with "iuclid+". The data is imported into a mock pathway that will be named "IUCLID6 import - (Timestamp)"

4- Import logic only chooses relevant data from the dossiers and ignores the rest.

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